Life Coaching

Coaching is a development process in which an individual gets support while learning to achieve a specific personal or professional result.

Mind In SyncMind In Sync coaches, based in Harpenden, Hertfordshire, have a wealth of experience in helping and supporting people who are looking to make changes in their lives – personal, career or managerial.

We have a variety of tools and techniques available from hypnotherapy to Psych-K™ and EMDR to help you establish where you are in your life and, more importantly, where you would like to be and in what timescale.  These techniques complement traditional life coaching and mentoring.

All clients are unique and the issues they face differ enormously, therefore all coaching has to be specifically tailored to the needs of an individual.  Every client receives the support they require to achieve their goals, either with face-to-face mentoring sessions or telephone and email support.

Executive coaching benefits not only the individual but also the organisation in which they work. Ultimately it’s about improving performance – through developing skills, confidence and focus.

It can be particularly useful in helping managers deal with change or other challenging aspects of their daily lives.  Effective coaching can significantly minimise disruption as well as retain crucial talent through times of instability, where the manger’s role is crucial in maintaining morale and a sense of perspective, while not losing sight of the ultimate goal.

Effective management and life coaching often require clients to take a step back to look at all the factors. It is very common to find that serious problems have many roots and usually did not develop overnight.

Clients should be willing to look at their own contribution to the situation, and to be open, up-front, and candid about their role.

One of the major challenges for coaches is to deal with clients who are too defensive about their own shortcomings. It is only by confronting and either accepting of changing these issues that a good manager can become a great manager, or a person can become truly happy with themselves and others.

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