20 reasons NOT to use Mind In Sync

1. “I have no issues or problems in my life.  Things could not be better and I’m loving every minute of my life.”
Well, that’s fantastic and long may it continue.  Unfortunately few of us manage to go through life without some problems or issues and it’s important to know when it’s time to seek help.  Even when things are going well you can always make improvements – changes which might create more time to enjoy your wonderful life. Successful people are always looking for ways to improve and become more efficient and effective.  Mind In Sync can help you get more balance into your life and prepare you to deal with problems when they do arise.

2. “I don’t need anyone poking about inside my head, telling me what’s wrong with me.”
Nobody pokes about inside your head and usually there’s nothing wrong with you either.  You are not broken and do not need fixing. Mind In Sync therapists are not judgemental.  You tell us what you think is not as you want it to be, and we will help you find the right solution using the most appropriate therapy.

3. ”I don’t want to be told what to do, or how to do it.”
Therapy is not about telling people what to do or even having all the answers.  Discussions at Mind In Sync only go where you want them to go and solutions are agreed, not imposed.  If you want to change the approach during a series of sessions, then that’s fine.

4. “I want a therapist who is all ‘namby-pamby’ and skirts around the issue so I don’t have to take any responsibility.”
Many problems that affect us are not of our making, or our fault, but taking responsibility for the solution is very important.  Successful therapy is not about apportioning blame but Mind In Synctherapists adopt a no-nonsense approach, speaking openly and honestly about your issues, without being judgmental.  Therapy is not a ‘happy-clappy’ experience – it’s conducted in a very professional manner and focused entirely on helping you.

5. “I’m too old and set in my ways to change now.”
Acknowledging the need for change is not age-related.  It can happen at any age and often older, more experienced people are better able to cope with changes and taking responsibility for ensuring those changes are carried out.

6. “The sessions might go on and on and it will become too expensive.”
The number of Mind in Sync sessions and the cost of each session is discussed and agreed at the initial consultation.  It is often difficult to accurately predict the number of sessions that will be required as it depends on the issue – or issues – the individual, the time devoted to any ‘homework’ etc.  A target number of sessions will be agreed and reviewed each session depending on progress.

7. “I don’t understand hypnotherapy or any of the other therapies offered, and in fact I’m a bit scared of trying them.”
All therapies, including hypnotherapy, will be fully explained and all your questions answered before any therapy is carried out.  The merits of each Mind In Sync therapy will be discussed with you but ultimately it’s your decision which therapy you are most comfortable with and that will be the one that is used.

8. “Being hypnotised means I’ll lose control and could even end up dancing around making chicken noises.”
Unfortunately, stage hypnotists have done a great deal of damage to the hypnotherapy profession.  Throughout clinical hypnosis you remain completely in control and can usually hear every word said to you by the therapist.  Mind In Sync therapists have signed up to the ethical code of conduct of professional bodies and behave professionally at all times.  The differences between stage and clinical hypnosis will also be discussed at the initial consultation.

9. “I don’t want anyone to know I need help or can’t cope because it’s a sign of weakness.”
Recognising you need help and seeking the right sort of help is not a sign of weakness.  It is a sign of inner strength.  Calling in an electrician to rewire your house or taking your car to a garage is not considered a sign of your incompetence with electrics or mechanics.  Seeking professional help when you acknowledge there is a problem is the sensible thing to do.  Patient confidentiality is very important at Mind In Sync so your case will not be discussed with others.

10. “I’m too busy at the moment because there’s lots going on in my life. Once they are sorted out I’ll have more time and can get help then.”
Firstly consider if this is just an excuse and you’re putting off what you know you really need to do.  Secondly, if you really are busy and you can honestly say that all the things going on are not contributing to your issue, then fine, set a date in a few weeks when you review whether you are now able to seek help.  But consider if all those things are factors in your problem, adding to your burdens.  Mind In Sync coaches can help you prioritise those things and create more time to relax and enjoy life.

11. “I have no idea how to find the right therapist for me.”
Finding the right coach or therapist is very important.  It is a professional relationship of trust and respect and both you – and the therapist – has to be happy and comfortable with it.  Mind In Sync offers a Free no-obligation chat before any detailed consultation, or therapy begins.  This gives you an opportunity to ask questions and satisfy yourself that you can work with the therapist.  If at any time during a series of sessions you are no longer happy working with your therapist, Mind In Sync will help you find another professional to continue your therapy.

12. “I know my own life and business best – how can a stranger possibly help me.”
You are the expert on you – and always will be.  Therapists or coaches only know what you tell them about your life, business, concerns, traumas etc.  But they have the advantage of not being emotionally – or financially – involved with your problems.  Mind In Sync therapists and coaches have a wealth of experience and can see things with a fresh eye.  They can ask the right questions to help you see solutions which might previously have been hidden to you.  Not being intimately acquainted with every detail of your life or business helps them offer different suggestions to help you use your resources better.

13. “I have my goals and ambitions, I don’t want anyone changing those.”
Nobody has a right to try to change your goals or ambitions.  Mind In Sync therapists will help you ensure they are the right goals for you, that you are giving yourself the best chance of achieving them and that you have set realistic milestones along the way.  Even with a very clear vision and certainly about where you want to go, it is not always easy to see how best to get there without help along the way.

14. “I already have a loving supportive family and friends who can advise me and help when I’m having a tough time.”
Having a support network is very helpful and this could be used by the Mind In Sync therapist to help ensure your therapy stays on track.  But sometimes friends and family are not the best people to tell you the things you need to hear or to advise you.
Will they just agree with you as a show of their support or challenge your ideas to make sure they are realistic?
Have you told them everything they need to know to help you make an informed decision?
Are some of your problems related to them and their behaviours?
Will they hold you accountable to your targets?
Can they devote enough time to help you?
Do they have any training, skill or ability in the areas you need to help you?

15. “I need help but I don’t know if I need a therapist, a coach, a counsellor or all of them.”
Mind In Sync can offer all those services – and more – as detailed on other pages.  The cost of the sessions are the same for each therapy and often involve more than one discipline in each session so you don’t have to choose.

16. “I don’t believe in any of these ‘new-age therapies’.”
Hypnotherapy has been around for far too long to be described as ‘new-age’ and even more modern therapies like Psych-K™ and Gamma Healing™ have a scientific basis.  None of the Mind In Sync therapies require blind faith.  There is plenty of evidence of success without having to believe in chance.

17. “I want everything sorted out in a single session.”
Unfortunately,are this is unlikely to happen if you want a lasting solution to your problem.  The initial session is largely a fact-finding discussion where the most appropriate therapy is selected and the number of sessions required is agreed.  Some issues and belief change techniques can be achieved in one or two sessions, but more long lasting, multiple or complicated issues can take many more.  But remember your problem did not occur in less than an hour so it’s not realistic to expect it to go away in that time.

18. “I don’t want to waste time endlessly talking about things and being asked: ‘How does that make me feel?’”
Discussing the issue and the possible solutions are just part of the therapy at Mind In Sync.  Most sessions will involve active therapy aimed at resolving the issue.

19. “I don’t really know what’s wrong or what I want to do with my life.”
Not having a clear purpose or goal is very common but can in itself cause stress.  Mind In Synctherapists and coaches can help you work through what’s important to you, help you focus on creating some goals and ambitions, and help you form action plans to achieve those goals.

20. “I don’t think I need a therapist, my wife/husband/parents do.”
Ask yourself if this is really true or are you sticking your head in the sand and refusing to acknowledge there is a problem?  If you genuinely do not believe you have a problem and are not prepared to address the issue then any form of therapy is unlikely to work.  The most dramatic example of this is someone who is happy smoking but their partner thinks they should stop.  If the smoker does not want to quit then it is highly unlikely hypnotherapy – or any other anti-smoking therapy – will work.  The first step is recognising you have a problem and being prepared to do something about it.

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