Fears and Phobias

The list of potential phobias is never-ending.  People can develop a phobia about virtually anything.  The word comes from the Greek ‘phobos’, meaning ‘fear’, or more particularly, ‘morbid fear’.

It is a type of anxiety disorder which creates a persistent fear of an object, or situation, and causes the sufferer to go to great lengths to avoid exposing themselves to that object or situation.

If the stimulus can not be avoided it causes marked distress and can have a significant effect on a sufferer’s everyday life.

The key to defining whether a fear has become a phobia is to examine if the response is typically disproportionate to the actual danger posed, often being recognized as irrational. It is entirely reasonable to have a healthy fear of tigers but it is irrational to be frightened of being attacked by one in a supermarket in the UK, or by seeing a photograph of one.

Proximity to the object is a key factor in assessing a phobia, also whether escape is impossible. As the sufferer approaches a phobic stimulus, anxiety levels increase and the degree to which escape of the phobic stimulus is limited has the effect of varying the intensity of fear in instances, such as travelling in a lift.  In that case, the anxiety typically decreases when the floor is reached and the lift doors open.

Social phobias can also occur within social situations such as public speaking and fear of crowded areas.

Mind In SyncMind In Sync, based in Harpenden, Hertfordshire, has the experience to help and support people who are affected by phobias.  We have a variety of tools and techniques available from hypnotherapy to Psych-K™ and EMDR to help you tackle your fear and to develop new skills to overcome it.

You are only a small step away from conquering your fears and regain control of your life.

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